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Rent Your Boxes Franchise for Sale

Stillwater's Halligan Opens Green Franchise

Rent Your Boxes, the nations only cardboard moving box rental franchise company, recently announced that its newest franchise location has been opened by Joe Halligan, of Stillwater.

"Rent Your Boxes is going to simplify the way people move," said Halligan. "It's a better, stronger, easier-to-pack box that is more affordable than buying - and delivered right to your door. It's ecologically-friendly and very convenient at the same time."

The idea: People can rent moving boxes, rather than buying them. It saves money and cuts down on cardboard waste, which is one of the biggest landfill offenders around. Rent Your Boxes delivers them to the home or business - and picks them up after the move.

Customers can order by phone at 1-888-40-BOXES the number of cardboard boxes needed to pack their home or office. At no cost to customers, Rent Your Boxes delivers the boxes and packing supplies to their doorstep, and then picks them up after the move. Customers keep the boxes up to three months to pack, move, unpack, and then Rent Your Boxes picks up the boxes, so the boxes can be used again.

"Picking up the boxes after the move is what attracts most of our customers because it's convenient for them while helping the environment at the same time," said Barry Harris, founder of Rent Your Boxes. "Re-using boxes three or four times takes so much less energy than recycling a box after one use. Our motto 'Rent, Re-use, Recycle' is going to sweep the nation and transform the way people get boxes for moving."

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