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Njoy All Access Franchise for Sale

NJOY NOW Offers Top Franchise Opportunity

The proven NJOY NOW Prepaid Adult Internet Access card distribution system is now being offered as a U.S. franchise

Chicago - With humble beginnings in 2006, NJOY NOW has quickly moved to the forefront of U.S. entertainment and retail franchise offerings. With their innovative approach to online entertainment, NJOY NOW offers a Prepaid Adult Internet Access card that gives customers’ anonymous access to online adult entertainment.

With a well-received product and a proven card distribution system, NJOY NOW offers enormous value to their customers, franchisors, and retailers - value that is not being created by other products or franchises.

As the most popular prepaid adult entertainment website, NJOY NOW cards give customers’ high-quality adult entertainment and complete privacy every step of the way, from purchase to logging on. No credit card or e-mail address is needed to access

As the main segments of the NJOY NOW distribution network, franchise distributors and retailers excel with NJOY NOW, as well.

With profit margins much higher than traditional retail products, retailers and distributors can earn up to 30% and 45% - respectively – on every card sale. Coupled with the franchise support team, helpful sales training, and sophisticated marketing materials, NJOY NOW distributors and retailers now have a product with huge sales and profit potential.

“Between our growing number of worldwide franchisors and a prolific marketing campaign, NJOY NOW is set to make an even bigger splash in 2008. There is no ceiling to franchise success with NJOY NOW,” concluded NJOY NOW spokesman, Steve Levine.

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