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National Property Inspections Franchise for Sale

National Property Inspections Approved for SBA Registry Listing

OMAHA, Neb. – The United States Small Business Administration (SBA) approved National Property Inspections for listing on its national franchise registry.

The registry is a list of franchise companies, or systems, that have pre-qualified for SBA loan eligibility. Acceptance to the list means an expedited process for SBA loan programs saving time and money for all involved. To be accepted, NPI was required to submit a completed worksheet and copies of all franchise agreements for SBA review. The documents were approved in March 2006.

“We want to be proactive in helping people get started in small business,” Bill Erickson, NPI vice president, said. “Acceptance to the registry gives potential franchisees another option to consider when putting together their finances.”

The SBA is the country’s largest single financial backer of small business. Since 1993, they approved nearly 12,000 loans to franchisees. One year’s distributions topped $978 million. Listing on the franchise registry does not guarantee loan approval for individuals.

NPI, founded in 1987, has 275 franchises across the United States and Canada. NPI inspectors have performed over a million inspections on commercial and residential properties.

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