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A New Breed of Franchise is Launched

Having grown my 2005 start-up company, BLACK DAWG SEALCOAT, to one of the largest providers of asphalt maintenance services in the region through franchising, Ive encountered hundreds of people looking for a business to start, but lacking the financial resources and time commitments to achieve their dreams.

Our sealcoating services franchise is built around a full-time (albeit seasonal) business model and, as such, was not a good fit for many knocking on our doors looking to buy a business.

In direct response to the demand I see in the market, we split apart our BLACK DAWG DAWG SEALCOAT operation into two different companies BLACK DAWG, of course and YELLOW DAWG STRIPING. Having provided our Parking Lot Line Striping Services inhouse for three years, we felt it was time to add a separate division to improve service for our customers as well as create an opportunity for a very low cost franchise opportunity.

Parking Lot Line Striping has never been franchised before and no national brand currently exists for this service. We think YELLOW DAWG STRIPING is the answer to two major gaps in the marketplace.

Nationwide Property Managers for large organizations most often turn to National Service Providers to handle their parking lot maintenance services. In turn, the National Service Providers scramble to find an array of sub-contractors to perform the actual work. Herein we see real opprtunity. As we bring new franchise operators into our standardized system, we will have a large reach across the country and the National Service Providers will have a larger organization they can turn to and trust to maintain their own service reputations.

For the budding entrepreneur, our franchise system is both simple and elegant in design and, perhaps most importantly, very inexpensive to start. With an all-in price under $20K to begin operations, the affordability factor is a big plus for many.

With a very low Franchise Fee of $4975 (included in the $20K figure above), YELLOW DAWG STRIPING over-delivers on value. Franchise owners will be professionally trained and supported by our extensive business systems Toll Free Number answered by our Staff, web-based Estimating and Invoicing Systems, in-house email marketing campaigns and, most important of all, a killer brand and logo that is not just memorable, its been labeled "unforgettable" by our customers.

Business Package includes a custom aluminum trailer with YELLOW DAWG vinyl graphics, a State-of-the-Art Graco Line Laser IV Dual Gun Airless Spray Machine, Specialized Hand Tools, Uniforms, Business Cards, Letterhead and more.

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