Yard Expressions Franchise for Sale

Yard Expressions is a company based upon helping our clients celebrate special occasions by decorating their yards with big 24" tall lettering! We offer a wide assortment of bright letter colors as well as fun added-on pictures. This franchise is a GREAT opportunity to make a profitable side business or a fantastic six-figure income! Our yard displays typically come with base $45 (1-10 letters) or $79 (11-24 letters) options with $5-25 add-ons also available. But it's YOUR business… the pricing in your area is completely up to YOU! Our clients add-on an average of $18.23 per display and our average Expression price is $92.62. In addition, many people also tip! Think you can handle only two yards per evening??? How many yards could you handle a night if you hired help?

  • (Only 1 yard/night) x (Our average $92.62) x (30 days) = $2,779 per month!
  • (2 yards) x ($92.62) x (30 days) = $5,557 per month!
  • (3 yards) x ($92.62) x (30 days) = $8,336 per month!

Gold Package: $9,995.

$39 Website Hosting Fee due on the 1st of each month.

This all-inclusive package not only saves money, but gives you the leverage to offer it ALL to clients in your area! It includes 400 letters, 108 numbers, and 40 punctuation points in your choice of six different colors! You will also get "HAPPY BIRTHDAY!" in our popular polka dot series, 13 birthday picture add-ons, and "TH", "ST", "RD", and "ND" in your six color choices for displaying ages! For baby announcements, you'll receive "IT'S A BOY!" in baby blue, "IT'S A GIRL!" in pink, "oz" and "lbs" for displaying the weight, and 9 baby picture add-ons. This Gold Package also includes 60+ other picture displays for weddings, school announcements, holidays, and sports in addition to 36 multi-colored stars, 24 pink & red hearts, and 18 flowers. This package includes 200+ wires, startup tools, 8 yard signs to advertise your business, non-compete protection plan within your selected area, a dedicated business e-mail address, a personalized e-commerce website, and a newly created FaceBook business page. We will come to your location for up to two days depending on your needs and will do on-site training, show you tips & tricks to the trade, and we will review marketing/advertising techniques that really work!

Optional Platinum Package: $16,995.

(includes TWO complete sets of the Gold Package for opening 2+ locations)

This premier package is specifically built for the entrepreneur that has intentions of creating more than one location… maximizing your income potential! It includes two complete sets of the Gold Package above… up to 12 different colored alphabets, 800 letters, 216 numbers, and 76 punctuation points! You will also get 12 colored sets of "TH", "ST", "RD", and "ND" for the ages on birthday displays, two polka dot "HAPPY BIRTHDAY!", and two "IT'S A BOY!" and "IT'S A GIRL!" displays! This package includes 400+ wires, two complete sets of all the add-on pictures, twice the amount of startup tools, and 16 yard signs to advertise your businesses.

Smaller startup packages also available.

Total Investment:
Third Party
Home Based:

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