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Who else wants a piece of the Multi-Billion Dollar Pie the cleaning industry generates each year?

The cleaning industry is lucrative! There is so much money to be made out there, it really is mind boggling.

Why is this industry so lucrative? Simple.

Studies indicate that cleaner environments can lead to healthier lifestyles and increased worker productivity according to Dr. Michael A. Berry who wrote, Protecting the Built Environment: Cleaning for Health. The growing awareness of how healthier lifestyles and increased worker productivity can be affected by the indoor environment has created an incredible opportunity for entrepreneurs.

Despite a down economy, people are willing to spend money on a few essentials as long as it relates to some sort of beneficial gain to someone or something that is important to them. One being themselves or loved ones, another being in protecting one of the most valuable assets they own, their house.

What does cleaning really do, and how can it protect my family and valuable possessions?

Let's approach this question this way. How much time are you spending indoors? The answer: In most cases, over 90% of your time. Any indoor building hosts foreign substances like pollens, pollutants, and carcinogens that get circulated through the ventilation system. As this process occurs, our bodies breathe these foreign substances into our bodies. Once they get into our bodies, they can do some damage if not properly removed by our natural defenses.

There are other substances that do not enter into our bodies, but can do some serious damage on the items and materials in our home if not properly removed. These water soluble, solvent soluble, and non-soluble soil's can physically change the appearance of fibers and hard surfaces either by their abrasive nature or changing the chemistry resulting in a chemical reaction.

In most cases it is more expensive to replace any of these items than to have them properly cleaned and maintained. Cleaning helps protect valuable possessions as well as prevents further damage or harm from being done.

Cleaning Prevents, Protects, and can be Lucrative! Talk about a Win-Win!

USClean® has tapped into this incredible industry providing clients with outstanding results as well as operating a successful and profitable business model for entrepreneurs. With the combination of sound business practices and a cleaning system that produces immediate results, you can't help but be successful. But before I go into too much detail as to why you should buy a USClean® franchise, I want to you understand the cleaning industry a bit more. After all, if you can't GET EXCITED about cleaning and how it works, then there is no point in having you as one of our franchisees.

Contrary to what people may think, there is a science to cleaning.

It is unfortunate that people go into this business thinking it is the easiest thing they will ever do in their lifetime. This mindset is dangerous and it can get people killed and/or cost them a lot of money.

In order to remove soil, one must use chemistry. Thus it is important to understand the fundamental principles of chemistry and have a respect for it. Mixing two of the wrong substances or putting the wrong cleaning agent on a specific type of fiber can cause some serious problems.

Science is not only about understanding chemistry, but understanding the specific methodology to cleaning. There are steps, processes, and procedures that must be taken in order to properly remove soil. When done correctly, the results are incredible and a life-time client has just been obtained.

Anyone can start a cleaning business and be successful, right?

Perhaps. We are taught to clean at a very young age. So, if you can clean, you should be successful, right? Not necessarily. In my experience a lot of people go into the cleaning business doing a very good job at what they do. The problem is, they don't know how to operate a business.

Anyone can clean, not everyone knows how to operate their business. When companies fail, it's usually due to the operation side of the business, not the actual work involved. This is why USClean® is successful. We understand how to operate a very successful business while giving our clients what they want.

It takes years to develop a sound business system that can run on auto-pilot, which can cost you a lot of money, time, and energy. This is one of the very reasons why you should buy a franchise. Most of the leg work has already been done.

What makes USClean® so different from all the other cleaning companies?

One of the biggest reasons to our success is that we care about our work and our clients because we have a higher calling to report to. The backbone to our company is, "Treat your neighbor as you would treat yourself." It's the Golden Rule. This means no short cuts & no cutting corners. We clean every house as if it was our own and we treat every client as if they were a family member. We provide our services professionally, courteous, and ethically.

We are relational with our clients. Our technicians need to remember something about them and we want the client to remember something about the technician. That way an emotional bond is created.

We are educated in the industry. This means we understand why things are the way they are, how they happened, and how we can provide a solution. This goes for every service we provide. In addition, we educate our client as to why specific things are happening and what they can do to prevent it from happening again.

Our cleaning system is superb! We give the customer immediate results. Results they are excited about and excited to pay for! During this process we strategically build a custom service package so they know what they are getting, how it will be done, and how much it is going to cost them.

As you can see, there is very little emphasis on the actual service being performed. Our clients get to experience the difference USClean® has to offer. Many companies do not let their customers experience the service, they just provide the service. It is that experience that continues to grow USClean® to where it is today.

What kind of support do you get as a franchisee?

This can be broken up into four fundamental categories:


We've tried a lot and spent a lot. This can make or break a company. In fact, Jim Collins who wrote Good to Great talks about how companies need to try everything then narrow it down to the most profitable and invest in those. Out of the hundreds and hundreds of different ways to promote and market a business (many of which we have tried), we have narrowed it down into the four of the most successful categories.
  1. Internet
  2. Mailers
  3. Repeat Customers
  4. Referrals
Over the years, these 4 avenues have historically produced the highest return on investment. Unlike many other cleaning franchises, you get to use our well designed and search engine friendly web site. We also have a systematic way of generating leads immediately from the Internet.

Our mailers are fun, outrageous, and catch people's attention. In fact many of our customers look forward to receiving and reading our mailed pieces. These pieces are geared to attract new clients as well as continue to build our loyalty existing ones. Finally, our referral program gives our current clients an incentive to promote our business to their family members, friends, neighbors, and co-workers.

Sales System:

Unlike many cleaning franchises, we actually have a sales system. This is not targeted to getting the phones to ring. The sales system is what you do when the phone rings and when you're talking with the customer.

You see, the majority of carpet and textile cleaning companies sell price. There is this price war about who can do the most for the cheapest. The people who respond to this type of marketing and sales system IS NOT OUR CLIENT! We don't want them. We want educated, self-aware clients. People who understand you get what you pay for.

This is where our sales system comes into play. We take our clients through an experience of education while selling them on the services we offer and how they can directly benefit from the services we offer. Once seeing the background we have, the expertise we carry, and quality of work we will give them, price no longer becomes a major factor.

Our sales system is adaptable to both the residential and commercial industry, allowing for you to aggressively go after your ideal clients.

Scheduling Center:

Answering phones from customers can take up a bunch of time and can be frustrating. It can also take time to properly train an individual to answer questions and make sure enough time in-between appointments. This is why we do it all for you. It frees up your time so you can focus on your business and not in your business.

Mentor/Mentee Program:

What better way to understand and grow your business than to learn from someone who is in your shoes! You will be paired with a successful franchisee that will help you with your business. Of course you get lots and lots of corporate support. It is the pairing of these two things which helps you become successful.

After all, the more successful you are, the more successful we all are. It's a healthy, team oriented relationship.


We want you to be successful. Many other cleaning franchises will give you a small population of between 50,000 to 200,000 where multiple franchisees are competing for the same business creating an unhealthy franchisee relationship.

With USClean®, we want someone in a large city to have an exclusive territory of 500,000 population. The territory would include both the residential and commercial market. Of course, a larger territory can be obtained.

Timing of Buying a USClean® Franchise couldn't be any better!

We are young and that means value & risk. Let me ask you a question. Knowing what you know today, if you were approached 60 years ago to buy a McDonalds franchise would you? Of course you would! You'd be crazy not to.

I'm not saying we are McDonalds, but I am making a comparison of the unknown. No one knew how successful McDonalds would be in the early stages of their franchise, but look where they are now. Young, motivated, grounded, and solid franchisees can be a big risk, but big risk can reap big reward!

USClean® isn't really that big of a risk, though. We are asking for a very minimal franchise fee to go with what is needed in this industry to do top quality cleaning. In reality, it's cheaper to buy a franchise from us than it is to start your own company. There are thousands and thousands of dollars that must be spent in branding a name and testing which marketing materials work best.

Take into consideration all the time with research and testing, and yet alone the expenses associated with a quality web site and the time it takes to be picked up on the major search engines. The cost for all this is much more than the cheap $19,900 we are asking for with our franchise fee.

We expect to have a franchisee in every metropolitan city by the end of 2012. Entrepreneurs are either going to catch on early and benefit from it now, or they are going to miss the opportunity wishing they acted when the opportunity was available to them.

The Future of USClean® is EXCITING!

If there is one thing we know best, it's fulfilling a need our current clients have. We started with carpet cleaning, and then gradually grew into other services as time, resources, and education permitted. Our philosophy with adding additional services is simple. Once mastering a service, start to explore mastering another.

Our customers have already expressed a need for us to handle all of their cleaning and maintenance for their homes. This includes the following areas we have showed an interest into adding as additional services. These may or may not change and the time frame will be totally up to when we and our clients are ready for it.
  1. Water/Flood Restoration
  2. Janitorial/Maid Services
  3. Window Cleaning
  4. Blind/Drape Cleaning
  5. Lawn Care
  6. HVAC/Air Duct Cleaning
  7. Power Washing
And many, many more. When you buy a USClean® Franchise you're getting more than just a carpet cleaning business. You're getting a business that is creating the opportunity to provide a lot of services that go far and above any typical business.

With this model, our clients can rely on one company to handle all of their professional cleaning and maintenance needs. This allows having a schedule weeks and months in advance giving everyone the peace of mind that they are part of a secure, respected, and successful organization.

An Investment well worth it!

What is included with your investment?
  1. 2500 Series, ONE Ton Chevy
  2. Truckmount
  3. All the cleaning tools, equipment, chemicals needed to provide the following services in both the residential and commercial markets (we would need several pages to itemize everything here)

    a.Carpet Cleaning
    b.Upholstery Cleaning
    c.Oriental Rug Cleaning
    d.Mattress Cleaning
    e.Leather Cleaning
    f.Tile/Stone/Grout Cleaning
    g.Hardwood Floor Maintenance
    h.Stone Polishing & Restoration
    i.Pet urine & Pet Odor Removal
    j.Fiber Protection & Hard Surface Sealants
    k.Allergen Control
    l.Floor Consulting
    m.Preventative Maintenance Programs
  4. Working website with advanced Search Engine Optimization
  5. Templates to advertising pieces
  6. Promotional Products

    a.Business Cards
    d.Work Orders
  7. 75 Internet Leads
  8. Grand Opening mailing to 2000 homes
  9. And much, much more!
All of a sudden a $102,995 investment for equipment, chemicals, materials, etc., doesn't sound all that bad. And the $19,900 franchise fee is cheap considering all the money, time, and energy you will save if you were to do it yourself.

In addition we are giving you business by taking on the first mailer and giving you 75 Internet Leads. That in itself has huge value. The bottom line is we want to make this franchise affordable in respect to equipping you to operate a cleaning business the right way.

I'm looking forward to hearing from you soon, and I hope you will highly consider owing your very own USClean® Franchise.

Your Friend,

Ryan Christopher

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