United Check Cashing Franchise for Sale

United Check Cashing

About the Money Services Industry

The Money Service Business came into existence in the 1930s in response to the Great Depression. Again, times are changing. In today's fast past environment, consumers want value and convenience. The Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) has indicated that 23% of all households that are unbanked and underbanked use a check cashing center to meet their financial service needs. The needs of consumers who often choose not to use banks are both basic and easy to identify.

Consumers share four basic needs:
  1. Immediate cash for paper checks (paycheck, benefits check, etc.);
  2. The ability to pay bills, rent, etc., often at the last minute to avoid additional fees;
  3. The ability to send money to relatives in other states and/or countries; and
  4. A safe place to keep whatever is left after the first three transactions. Life in the modern economy gives rise to two additional needs: the ability to build or rehabilitate credit histories and a form of digital currency to participate in the Internet economy.

United Makes it easy to pick up a piece of this US$60 billion business.

United has developed and operated multiple financial service centers for more than 30 years. In 1992, United decided to expand its business model through a formal franchising system. To date, United has helped independent entrepreneurs establish and operate more than 150 United Check Cashing centers in 17 states. The United system has standardized the key elements necessary to run a check cashing center. From assistance with real estate acquisition and construction to licensing and vendor relations to training on all aspects of business to ongoing operations and marketing support, United has assembled the puzzle pieces for you. Our professional, bank-like centers are conveniently located where our customers work and shop. For just a few pennies on the dollar, consumers can cash their checks . There are no holds while waiting for funds to clear. The process is fast, convenient, and available to everyone.

United's Retail Environment

United has created a retail format that offers a warm, community bank-like atmosphere for customers to conduct their personal financial business. The growing segment of the under-banked can find a full complement of products and services designed to meet their needs at a United Check Cashing center.

Our retail centers offer valuable services such as:
  • Check cashing
  • Money orders
  • Money transfer
  • Bill payment
  • Prepaid services
  • A host of other valuable services.
United can fit its business concept into a variety of retail formats, from conventional storefront centers to adapting Express Centers to the footprint of existing businesses. We provide a total turnkey, branded facility with a variety of formats from which to choose. And, we have established business relationships with a proven network of vendors, suppliers, and industry best practices to dramatically increase your probability of success. United's real estate and construction team will work with you to identify a suitable location. The United System provides for a complete design, build-out, and installation of all furniture, fixtures, equipment, and signage needed to provide a professional retail environment.

Franchise Support

United's proven franchise system is an integrated program designed to make your entrance into the money service business easier than doing it on your own.

All franchisees are provided:

  • Assistance with site selection, store design and construction
  • Turnkey system complete with furniture, fixtures, equipment, software and office supplies
  • Classroom instruction at United's National Training Center
  • Ongoing operational support with a dedicated Field Representative to assist on-site for opening week
  • Marketing support to help build and grow your business

Franchise Candidates

United franchisees come from all types of careers and professions ranging from executives to entrepreneurs, technology professionals to retail backgrounds, financial specialists to skilled trades. Our franchisees understand the value of operating within a proven system. They recognize the need for local marketing in their neighborhood and enjoy interacting with other business people in their community. They understand their customers and their needs for a full array of vital financial services. Just as important, they have the financial resources to properly fund the start-up of their business as well as the resources to support it as it grows.

If this sounds like you, then you are ready to take the next steps. Please request more information today and a development representative will guide you through the due diligence process.

Why Eagle Tax

Tax preparation is recession-resistant since every working individual must file a return every year, regardless of the economy. According to recent IRS data, nearly 134 million federal income tax returns are filed annually, more than 60 percent of which are filed by a professional tax preparer. As an Eagle Tax franchise owner, you can take advantage of this growing business opportunity. Because many customers are intimidated by tax regulations and have little time to spare for tax preparation, Eagle Tax has created a convenient, easy solution to meet their needs.

Eagle Tax Advantages

The Eagle Tax advantages include low start-up costs, no inventory requirements, nationwide prime territories available for multi-unit development with flexible retail formats, an established and proven software system, and our comprehensive training program that allows our franchisees to file tax returns without having prior tax experience.

Retail Centers

The right store front and location are critical to building brand recognition and attracting customers. Eagle's professional store environment is designed to attract attention and communicate to customers the variety of services we offer. Whether you are looking to develop a storefront Eagle Tax center or leverage your existing real estate by adding an Eagle Tax Express, Eagle Tax has flexible retail formats that will meet your needs. Eagle Tax is one of the lowest cost retail franchise opportunities in the market today. For a standalone center, Eagle Tax offers a very reasonable method for entrepreneurs to take advantage of the growing tax preparation business. We have territories available for retail centers throughout the United States.

Eagle Tax Storefront Center

Our franchise fees are lower than the national brand-name providers, and our retail centers are not only superior but very affordable.

Eagle Tax Express

Unlike many other tax preparers who just set up a desk in a lobby, Eagle Tax has created a professional environment that gives our they need to feel comfortable and confident will be prepared in a professional manner.

Franchise Support

Eagle's proven franchise system is an integrated program designed to make your entrance into the tax industry easier than doing it on your own. With over 80 years of collective franchising experience, the Eagle Tax support team is with you every step of the way. Our support system teaches you how the business works, how to use the resources available to you and how to market your business professionally. This enables you to spend your time developing your business rather than figuring out how to operate the business.

All franchisees are provided:
  • Assistance with site selection, store design and construction
  • Turnkey system complete with furniture, fixtures, equipment, tax software and office supplies
  • Training, ongoing operational support and marketing support

Franchise Candidates

Our franchisees are independent business people who are looking for a system and guidance on how to operate their own businesses without the trial and error associated with doing it on their own. They enjoy the freedom and rewards of operating their own businesses while limiting the risks associated with a startup opportunity. The ideal candidate for an Eagle Tax Service franchise understands the value of operating within a franchise system and also the need for retail tax preparation.

If this sounds like you, then you are ready to take the next steps. Please request more information today and a development representative will guide you through the due diligence process.

Minimum Investment Required: US$100,000
Total Investment:
$250,000 - $350,000
Franchise Fees:
$75,000 - $100,000

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