Rebounderz Indoor Trampoline Arena Franchise for Sale

Our Company

Rebounderz is one of the fastest growing franchises in the industry. Our patented trampoline arena design puts us ahead of our competitors and our proven franchise model can be easily implemented anywhere in the country.

Rebounderz Franchise and Development, Inc. is committed to be the leader in innovations for the indoor trampoline arena industry. By providing our customers with new cutting edge innovations, we are able to increase the safety and overall experience for our guests. RFD was founded on these principles and uses them as a guideline from initial construction to facility operation. The largest safety innovation that was developed by Rebounderz Franchise and Development, Inc. is our patented trampoline Exoskeleton created by our Founder/CEO Mark Gurley.

Our original Rebounderz Indoor Trampoline Arena was located in Longwood, Florida, with over 18,300 square feet of state-of-the-art rebounding fun! We introduced Central Florida to EXTREME trampoline fun! Now we are expanding all over the United States and beyond.

& quot;Superior Engineering – Maxium Safety& quot; is More than a Catch Phrase for Us

Rebounderz is all about quality! The quality and superior engineering of our patented trampoline, which we call the & quot;Jumper,& quot; is obvious. Every single component of the Jumper is constructed with only the highest quality materials. Superior engineering ensures the quality of the product; the quality of that product ensures maximum safety.

Safety is what separates us from any and all competitors. Rebounderz takes pride in ensuring that our Indoor Trampoline Arena is the safest trampoline environment for everyone. From our safety equipment to our highly trained staff, a safer trampoline experience does not exist!

We are the first and ONLY trampoline arena to hold a US patent on our arena design (U.S. Patent # 8,657,696).

We are currently offering great franchise opportunities both nationally and internationally. To aid in this opportunity, we are proud to say that loans through the Small Business Administration (SBA) are available for Rebounderz Franchisees!

Our very first franchise, located in Sterling, Virginia, has over 12,000 square feet of rebounding surface on TWO Jumpers, and now features a Basketball Slam Jumper! The entire 26,400 square foot building offers a variety of family entertainment to enhance the experience. Rebounderz of Sterling is thriving!

Our Newport News, Virginia, location enjoys a full 34,000 square foot facility that hosts an 11,000 square foot Jumper, a Basketball Slam Jumper, a Dodgeball Jumper, and a Foam Pit.

All of our apparatuses are Engineered and Developed According to ASTM F2970 Standards.

Room for Growth: The Family Entertainment Industry

The growth rate for the family entertainment industry has been remarkably consistent for several years and has steadily become much more focused on the inflatable equipment parks and stadiums, which have most recently been closely followed by the strengthening trend of trampoline parks. Trampoline parks are gaining in popularity because they can be enjoyed no matter the weather, and parents love them because they get the kids away from video games and T.V. where they certainly are not burning off any excess energy.

Parents have peace of mind knowing their children are having the time of their lives in a supervised safe haven unlike malls or public parks where kids are essentially on their own. With the national push to get children more physically active, trampoline parks will not go out of style any time in the near future. Trampoline parks are also superior entertainment venues because they are not just for kids! They are able to leap across age demographics, serving customers young and old, which is another factor as to why they are quickly becoming premier attractions for first dates, bachelor parties, graduation celebrations,and corporate events.

As there is a growing movement pushing adults to get off the couch and start exercising, trampoline parks offer an attractive alternative to typical box gyms that tend to be pricey and require membership enrollment. Trampoline parks have none of that, which makes it easier for everyone to jump into a healthier lifestyle. Trampoline park owners are currently working together with regulators to ensure guests are educated about trampoline safety, providing a well-documented and continually improving standard of best practices so guests can enjoy the parks safely. Although no athletic venue or arena can be one hundred percent safe, incidents involving serious injuries at trampoline parks have decreased every year since they were introduced over four decades ago.

As they are an excellent source of exercise and recreation, trampoline park owners and safety advocates are relentless about looking out for possible safety flaws in the current designs and constantly discovering and testing new and improved safety features that will keep the amount of injuries on the decline.

Advertising and Marketing Support

Rebounderz knows that creating unique, enjoyable experiences for families is the cornerstone of our franchisees' success. We also know that branding is of equal importance. A strong branding strategy can mean the difference between long lines and empty jumpers. By participating in the Rebounderz Advertising Fund, you will be positioned to aggressively drive new customers to your location.

Brand Training

Because of our experience branding the Rebounderz name over the last four years, our franchisees willl earn more than just & quot;quick hit& quot; marketing techniques. You'll take part in Rebounderz's long-term branding strategies designed to maximize your marketing effort over the life of your business.

Marketing Development and Guidance

A marketing plan is the most critical component of your business plan. Using field tested, proven marketing strategies, the Rebounderz marketing team works with you to develop a results-oriented marketing plan to help provide a competitive advantage in your marketplace, targeting individuals interested in indoor trampoline arena services and converting them into members. You receive an in-depth, practical understanding of the relationship between advertising, public relations and sales, and how to implement all three components, using a mix of marketing tools.

Marketing Materials

As a Rebounderz franchisee, you will receive our complete suite of marketing materials tested and refined to help provide new and repeat business. Materials include flyers, brochures, e-mail blast templates, online advertising templates, magazine advertisement templates, direct mail, coupons, event sponsorship guidelines, advertising specialty merchandise, local publicity releases, and point-of-purchase display materials. You simply choose the materials that are consistent with your local marketing plan.

Social Media Marketing

Rebounderz is dedicated to expanding the Rebounderz's message utilizing the many social media channels available today. Rebounderz includes franchises in corporate initiatives, as well as advising you on what is available to you at the local level. Regardless of how consumers in your area are searching for a new cutting edge indoor trampoline arena, they will be sure to find you!

Ongoing Advertising Management

Rebounderz analyzes – at the corporate, national, and local levels – ongoing marketing for all franchisees and their competitors. This time-consuming and ever-critical media placement is managed through the corporate office in Sanford, Florida. Almost every aspect of the national marketing system, from broadcast advertising and social media to public relations and internet resources, is placed, directed, and tracked to ensure that you, as part of the Rebounderz family, are getting the most for your membership dues. Not all marketing strategies are created equal. By leveraging years of national press and awards, as well as tested and proven marketing strategies that comprise the best of traditional and new media, Rebounderz franchisees are well positioned to maximize their marketing dollars. Furthermore, with turnkey solutions and support, Rebounderz franchisees can rest assured that their marketing message will be delivered both efficiently and effectively.

Min. Liquid Capital:
Total Investment:
$1,274,457 - $2,926,377

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