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The chiropractic field has remained flat in recent years which is perplexing.  The resulting flat-lined chiropractic market can be directly related to the service providers.  Chiropractors are poor business people traditionally and the service market is presented poorly by many of the "mom and pop" operators in markets throughout the country.  On the consumer side, the market potential is growth with more people realizing the medical, physical and emotional benefits from visiting a good chiropractor on a regular basis.  Whether it be from old age, an accident or just regular wear and tear, a chiropractor can help people feel good, nimble and ready to take on the day-to-day responsibilities they face on a regular basis.  With the right systems, processes and business model, Chiropractors should be able to turn this market opportunity into thriving businesses.    

NuSpine Chiropractic has developed a complete business model to be franchised and replicated throughout the United States.  The facility is compact at between 750 - 1100 square feet when it is opened for business, as the location and business mature, the square footage should expand to 1200 - 2500 square feet in size to allow for more client rooms and space for business given the operator's decision to do so. 

The concept is simple, yet deeper in value to the customer allowing for an affordable and professional chiropractic service.  By providing valuable chiropractic services combined with a membership program and lower cost per visit, it keeps the customer coming into the location on a regular basis and allows for the chiropractic side of the business to build consistent visits.  The business model works in wonderful synergy by combining the business structure and systems of the operation and delivering a true Health Services experience to the customer. 

Chiropractor Franchise Model


After assessing the client's needs and goals, NuSpine Chiropractic designs a personalized program of chiropractic services, nutrition products and dietary guidance for the client.   Giving the customer the experience they want through a custom - tailored nutrition and therapy program allows for people to create healthier lives for themselves and to feel better.  At NuSpine Chiropractic, a licensed practitioner works one on one with the client in the program designed to fit the individual's needs and their specific goals.  The service is individualized to fit each client's needs.  Technology and well-managed systems allow for a streamlined operation with on-time appointments organized scheduling and an overall professional presentation to the client. 


To develop a brand and network of strong operating locations that embody the service level and quality experience that has built and established the NuSpine Chiropractic business model throughout the United States.  Through the addition of great Franchise partners that bring the necessary skill sets, capital and commitment to the brand, NuSpine will become a national and eventually International organization firmly positioned atop the Chiropractic and Health Services marketplace.

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The NuSpine Chiropractic Franchise model will be a fixed location retail location providing chiropractic services to clients.  The operating model changes the way that the chiropractic industry has approached this business by making the experience more comprehensive and individualized in a well-designed and fully functional chiropractic center but in a compact, systemized and efficient operating model.  This is truly the unique differentiator for the business model and allows the concept to compete effectively with other chiropractic operations and businesses.

The Problem:

Chiropractic businesses are always struggling to generate a consistent stream of clients and new business.  Because the typical customer doesn't visit a chiropractor with enormous frequency, keeping them coming into the location for service can be difficult.  Many chiropractors are great technicians and provide great service, but lack the ability or systems to build a profitable and lasting business. 

The Answer:

NuSpine Chiropractic developed a new approach to the chiropractic business model by creating the Health Services concept and bringing a membership-based chiropractic service together with a structured and systemized operation.  By offering five separate revenue streams and reasons for customers to visit the location, the business maintains consistent and profitable operations. 

The Bottom Line:

$403,523 in Gross Sales per Unit, Net Profit of $137,566.  *Refer to the Item 19 FPR in the NuSpine FDD.

Min. Liquid Capital:
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