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Muscle Beach

Muscle Beach® – A Proven Business Model Backed By More Than 75 Years Of Demonstrated Success

Muscle Beach®, the world renowned venue that launched the fitness movement, is the world's premier fitness franchise. From our long, rich history starting as a beachfront exercise mecca in Santa Monica, California, we have grown to become an American institution and fitness icon. No other fitness brand shares our legendary status, prestige, and unprecedented recognition. Increase the probability of your success with Muscle Beach®, the brand that has stood the test of time with more proven longevity than any other.

Traffic Starts With A Brand That's Recognized And Respected

With a lineage spanning more than 75 years, Muscle Beach® is more trusted, respected, and recognized than any other fitness brand there has ever been.

Muscle Beach®, The World's Largest, Most Prestigious Fitness Organization

Muscle Beach® operates more fitness businesses and has more industry experience than anyone else.
  • Fitness Clubs
  • Personal Training Studios
  • Boot Camps
  • Sports Nutrition Stores
  • Tanning Salons
  • Massage Studios
  • Shake Bars
  • Gymnastic Facilities
  • Many Others

Want To Start A Fitness Club?

Muscle Beach® offers every conceivable type.
  • Fitness Centers
  • 24 Hour Fitness Centers
  • Women's Fitness Centers
  • Gyms
  • Men's Gyms
  • Personal Training Studios
  • Many Others

Who Wouldn't Want A FREE Fitness Club Franchise, Rather Than Having To Pay For One?

Other fitness club companies will gladly sell you their high-priced franchise. But not us! We'd rather give you ours for FREE! That's right, we said FREE! Sound too good to be true? Well it's not! So as you ponder over ads from other companies, ask yourself this, "Why would I ever purchase an over-priced franchise from a company that will force me to pay an enormous territorial fee, a whopping franchise fee, a staggering monthly royalty, and a shocking monthly advertising fee, when Muscle Beach® provides the same business model for FREE?" Contact us today and find out how you too can get a FREE fitness club franchise!

Paying For A Franchise Doesn't Guarantee Greater Value

If you'd prefer to pay for a fitness club franchise, rather than get one for FREE, the most important aspect of your purchase will be the brand name you choose. Does it have any significant value? Does it possess legendary status or historical significance? Is it a worldwide recognized brand or is it just another meaningless name? Many fitness brands claim to be recognized, but in reality, only two are: Muscle Beach® and Gold's Gym®. So if you'd rather pay for a franchise, make sure to get maximum value for your investment dollar. In others words, steer clear of the no-names and go with a brand that has proven, sustained value.

Muscle Beach® Makes Owning And Operating A Fitness Business Easy

Muscle Beach® has implemented a number of innovative concepts that have turned the entire fitness industry upside down! Our revolutionary practices have wiped out the old standards, forever changing the way business will be conducted. Here are just some of the ways that we've done it.
  • Muscle Beach® fitness club franchises are FREE. Should you choose to pay for yours, the monthly fee is as little as just $195. Other companies will institute an enormous million dollar territorial fee. Then they'll tack on a whopping franchise fee upward to $50,000 and continue to assess the fee on each subsequent location that you open. On top of that, they'll levy a staggering monthly royalty that will gobble up as much as 5% ($2,000) or your monthly income. They'll finish it off with a shocking monthly advertising fee that will eat up another 2% ($1,000) of that income. We do not assess any of these fees, saving you thousands of dollars in unnecessary expenditures each and every month.
  • Muscle Beach® does not lock you into a long-term, 5 or 10-year contract with no way out! For those who choose to pay for a franchise, our contractual agreement and payment schedule is month-to-month, with the option to leave at any time.
  • Muscle Beach® does not employ any tricks or sneaky tactics that will secretly extend the duration of your contract beyond the agreed amount of time. Others will force you to implement their corporate colors throughout your establishment, causing enormous debt that will take you far longer than the term of your contract to pay off. They know that restoring your business to a more traditional look will require taking on additional debt, leaving you little choice but to renew with them.
  • Muscle Beach® does not institute an exclusionary clause that forbids you from owning other brands or fitness businesses.
  • Muscle Beach® does not assess a termination fee. Many franchises will levy a stiff fine as the only recourse to end a contract.
  • Muscle Beach® does not implement a non-compete clause. Upon departure, many franchises will attempt to restrict you from doing business under another brand for a period of up to 2 years.

Why Is Muscle Beach® The Fastest Growing Fitness Club Franchise In The World Today?

Because it's the only one that's FREE!

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