Locals Love Us Franchise for Sale

Grab a piece of the $130 billion Local Media Advertising Industry

Local Media Advertising is an Industry in Transition

The digital revolution has led to massive growth in media outlets, giving advertisers many new ways to reach consumers. But it has also given consumers ever more creative ways to avoid that advertising and reach out directly to their social networks for recommendations and reviews.

Locals Love Us combines the reach of traditional advertising with the trust of Word-of-Mouth to create advertising that businesses and consumers love.

We use a secure, online survey to discover what the locals love and then design print and online directories free for local consumers. The most-loved businesses are given the exclusive opportunity to advertise directly to consumers who are seeking out their services, rather than trying to avoid them.

We've developed a complete system that is ideal for someone to step in and run a business with little more than sales experience. If you build relationships easily, excel at sales and are passionate about your community, you are ideal for this opportunity.


Media is undergoing a profound shift as consumers gravitate away from mass-marketing and toward sources of information that they trust. They're seeking easily accessible, unbiased info they can use to make purchasing decisions. But not all unbiased information is created equal. Locals Love Us has spent a decade building a system superior to others in this space.

How are we different? Let us count the ways:

  • Rather than asking anyone, we ask everyone in town to vote for their favorite places. The more responses you get to a question, the more likely you are to find the most-loved places.
  • Our secure, online voting system prevents cheating or stuffing the ballot box, giving local businesses confidence in the survey results.
  • By using votes, rather than reviews, we avoid the undue influence given to early reviews, especially if those reviews are negative.
  • By only asking locals to vote, we ensure that we're getting opinions from those who know best.
  • By publishing a free directory in print and online, we ensure that thousands of consumers can access the information whenever and wherever they want.

We've spent more than a decade perfecting our systems and support, making it ideal for someone that is passionate about their community and has sales experience. Does that sound like you? Apply now!

Min. Liquid Capital:
Total Investment:
$85,750 - $122,138
Minimum Net Worth:
Third Party
Home Based: