Fortune Cookie Promotions Business Opportunity Franchise for Sale

Fortune Cookie Promotions controls distribution of millions of fortune cookies within 13,000 Chinese restaurants around the United States, the largest network of any kind in this industry. As a member of the Premium Distributor Program, your company will have proprietary access to the relationships, resources and hundreds of thousands of customers that frequent the restaurants within our network. Advertising is aggressively competitive, and partnering with Fortune Cookie Promotions will most definitely give you an unmistakable competitive advantage within the industry.

According to Chinese Restaurant News, there are over 45,000 restaurants in the United States. Each demographic within American landscape frequents a Chinese restaurant once every 5 weeks, and there are more Chinese restaurants than McDonald, Burger King and Wendy's combined.

As a member of the Premium Distributor Program, your advertising company will have a monopoly on advertising through Chinese Restaurants in your territory.

An Untapped Market

Our distribution partners are provided with cutting edge real time support as well as special wholesale prices to ensure that you are able to offer your customers a straight forward and undeniable value proposition. As a distributor FCP will allocate all of the necessary resources and support in order for you to maintain a strong and consistent network of local advertisers that are always satisfied with the customer service and market response they achieve by advertising through our network.

A New Advertising Frontier

Our company has discovered a rare untapped niche market within the advertising industry, that for a myriad of reasons others don't have the ability to enter successfully. Because of thehighly established psychological relationship that the fortune cookie holds in the mind of the American culinary consumer, responses to your customers marketing message will literally double or triple what can be expected from more traditional forms of advertising.

Your business will appeal to many potential advertisers, large and small.

Fortune cookie advertising appeals to dozens of different corporate industries, from the
largest companies in the world conducting major branding campaigns to more local
advertisers that seek to put their marketing messages in front of a steady audience.
As you approach potential customers about designing a campaign through our network
of Chinese Restaurants, the unique appeal of the fortune cookie experience will create a unique selling point that other forms of advertising within your market do not and cannot possess. The opportunities are endless for you to attract and retain clients.


There is no other marketing firm in the nation that has proprietary agreements with Chinese Restaurants on the scale of Fortune Cookie Promotions. Our cookies are customized on the back of the inner slip for in restaurant distribution, and for special events both sides can be customized.

By becoming a Premium Distributor all of the restaurants within your territory will become your primary distribution point with absolutely no competition. The customers that you secure will have their message in front of thousands of customers every day, at a moment when the attention of the individual is specifically focused on reading their & quot;fortune& quot;. This proprietary relationship will allow you to develop relationships with clients that are much more secure than other forms of advertising.

Logistics Management

As an FCP Premium Distributor you will have a customized software program attached to our intranet that processes orders for all of the custom fortune cookies you need to fulfill the ad campaigns of your clients. With just a few clicks of the mouse, you can design the content, look, layout and message for each client. We will track all of your orders and allow you to specify with detail exactly which restaurants your message needs to be distributed to, allowing you to produce targeted advertising for your clients. Our state of the art system automates every function of the customer-client relationship in order to maintain efficiency, productivity and data analysis.

Marketing Support

Our marketing department will design a customized website and marketing collateral so that your specific brand name will seamlessly complement the Fortune Cookie Promotions marketing system. You will have daily marketing support in order to maintain a solid and value added position within your clients advertising strategy.


No fees


The prospect will get 15% of every order and after the 10th order they refer we give them a 5% bonus on every order they gave to us up to that 10th order. For example, if all 10 orders total $35,000 they will get a $1,750 bonus

Third Party
Home Based:

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