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Richard Pope, Owner / Manager
Franchise Business Advisor and Coach

“The people who make a difference in your life are the ones who care the most!”

Richard Pope is a career franchise executive, consultant and franchise business coach.  For over 30 years, Richard has been helping people find their way in the world of franchising. 

EXPERIENCE COUNTS - Wouldn’t you rather have someone that has extensive experience and knows their way around the world of franchising helping you? Richard Pope is a well known franchise expert and has been in franchising for over 30 years.  With his straightforward, no nonsense approach, he has helped thousands of people find their way through the franchise maze to end up with highly successful franchise businesses. Richard has led, directed and operated at the top levels of franchising with multi-national organizations like Midas International, Ramada Inns Worldwide and Swensen’s Ice Cream Company.  He has owned franchises and even guided his children into their own franchise businesses. Richard is a good listener and is easy to talk to.  He works a lot like an executive recruiter for franchise companies so his services to you are FREE with no strings attached.

Richard Would Like To Help You Find Your Perfect Match………….

It is very easy to get totally confused with all the choices and options in the franchise market place today?  Are you afraid that you might choose the wrong one?  Here are some solid guidelines for you to follow and keep in mind as you search for your franchise business. A good franchise match should fit you comfortably as follows:

  • Financially – Don’t bite off more than you can chew.  You do not typically open the doors making money so having reserves for working capital and living expenses is important. 
  • Objectives –Both financial and lifestyle objectives that have to be considered when searching for your ideal franchise.  Will the business you choose allow you to live the life style that you want?
  • Operationally – Are you comfortable that you can handle this business – do you manage people well – can you sell and market – can you follow systems? 
  • Personality – Are you introverted or extroverted – a type A or type C personality?  Do you get excited just thinking about jumping into this business opportunity?  Is it really you?
  • Family Support – Is your spouse and family behind you on this move?  Are they supportive or are they telling you that this is wrong for you?  Are they going to later say, “I told you so”?
  • Human Resources – Are you a good manger of people?  Do you delegate well or are you a micro manager?  Would you be better off as a one man band with no employees?
  • Sales – Every business requires that you sell something to generate revenue and make a profit.  So, can you sell or are you willing to hire someone to do that for you? 
  • Background and Experience – You don’t have to be an expert or be involved in or have knowledge of something in order to be successful.  Your background and experience are helpful but what you gained from that experience is more important than the experience itself. 
  • Market Availability - You don’t want to waste your time researching a business that is not available to you.

For the business to be a perfect match for you, all these points need to be in proper alignment.  Finding the ideal business for you is the value that an experienced franchise business consultant and coach can bring to the table.  Knowing the questions to ask and the buttons to push are important for the success or failure of your business venture.  I have the experience, the contacts and the know how to help you find your perfect match. 

Let me help you for free with no strings attached.  That’s a deal that you know is a perfect match so what are you waiting for?  Give me a call today and let’s get started.

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