Discount Clipper Franchise for Sale

Discount Clipper Magazine
is an established profitable direct mailed (Newspaper/Magazine) business with verifiable success and revenues.

Discount Clipper Magazine is Unique and Without Competition

It combines two successful advertising platforms. Direct Mail with Newspaper and Magazine advertising. Publish and direct mail a newspaper or magazine whereas you will derive revenue from local businesses for advertising their business or service in your Newspaper/Magazine, while targeting it via Bulk Rate Direct Mail to their potential customers surrounding their business. Similar to popular discount coupon and coffee newspaper franchises but combined into one platform making the product more effective than either stand alone business model. Both of which provide me my best customers and easiest sales.

Our Unique Revenue Stream

Allows you to profit not only from newspaper/magazine advertising, but from Signs, Banners, Billboards, Restaurant Table Tents, T-Shirts, Website Sales and other advertising products.

Work From Home Opportunities

There are various successful systems in place for securing advertising clients from your home computer.

  1. visit the websites of local businesses and send your promotional sales flyer to them.
  2. use the local business yellow pages, click on their email addresses and send them your sales flyer.
  3. visit the skilled tradesman section of craigslist and email them your promotional sales flyer.

Competition Will Make You Successful

As you will seek out advertisers in competitive media's and offer them your more effective advertising program for a fraction of their current costs while earning a tremendous profit.

Time Frame

Most publishers print their first profitable edition within 30 days. Your sample papers are mailed out immediately. In a couple of days your software arrives and training begins. In a few days you are qualified and competent to emulate my success. You will be ready to begin soliciting business via your computer as well as in the field for Newspaper/Magazine advertising as well as all the other advertising products.


Advertising clients you approach, CAN NOT/WILL NOT say no to reaching their neighbors at their mailboxes for just 1 cent

My all inclusive 12 hour 1 on 1 business course delivers superior support and guidance compared to popular franchises costing over 100k.

Work full or part time and earn $50-$100 per hour for every hour you devote to your business.

Operate from home without overhead. You will be your own graphic artist within hours! No need to hire graphic artists or writers. Keep all the profit!

Businesses battle for exclusivity to advertise in my Discount Clipper. Competing media's charge 10 times what you will need to in order to earn 100k.

I assist in everything, insuring you get off to a quick profitable start. You will learn design, paper layout, printing specifications, distribution, bulk mailing requirements and procedures and more, in just a few hours with my 1 on 1 telephone training.

My methods for getting advertisers effortlessly have been perfected after years of trial and error.

What I teach you in 12 hours is priceless!

You will profit on your first publication. I can teach you to sell your papers and profit from distribution at the retail level as well. Any questions, are no problem, just contact me, I have all the answers.

Min. Liquid Capital:
Total Investment:
Third Party
Home Based:

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