Dancers Pointe Franchise for Sale


Owning a Dancers Pointe franchise is all about balancing life with passion. Yes, our business model and profits are very strong. But owning a Dancers Pointe franchise is also about the love of dance - and making a difference in the lives of students and families in your community. We're all about building confidence within our students. Seeing them continue to grow year after year as they progress - as your business grows as well. Witnessing this progression, being a part of this transformation, is one of the greatest things about being a Dancers Pointe franchisee.

We have found that many people we meet are actively seeking a balance between work and family. We believe we've found the answer, and we invite you to explore the opportunity we've created. After all, our future depends on your success and happiness as well!

Being a Dancers Pointe franchisee has certain distinct, terrific advantages over franchise models in other industries. They include:

  • Proven Business Model (44 years experience)
  • No Dance Experience Required
  • Strong Profit Margins (50% and up)
  • Scalable Labor Costs
  • Employee Retention and Happiness
  • Great Work Environment
  • Family-Work Balance
  • Chance to Make a Difference in the Lives of Others

Dancers Pointe has been around for forty-four years. During that time we've become experts in our field of operating successful dance studios. We know it isn't easy knowing everything about running a small business. It requires dedication, energy, a great staff, and a strong belief in yourself. It also requires a great deal of specialized knowledge.

Across the last forty-four years we've learned a great deal about operations. Our staff is always there to advise you on any of the hundreds of issues you might encounter as you build your own business. As experts in our industry, we feel extremely confident that if we both make the decision for you to become part of the Dancers Pointe family, even if you have no experience in our industry, we can teach you our proven, structured business model so that you'll have the advantage of our forty- four successful years as well.

We can guide you along year after year so you can stay on course as your investment continues to grow. You'll be using a proven, structured system that will keep you on track with the day-to-day operations of your business. Freeing you up to spend more time doing what you really went into business for in the first place: Being in business for yourself, setting your own hours, being in control of your own destiny. Witnessing that transformation of your students. Witnessing their personal growth. Watching them grow with confidence. And earning a great income while doing it!


Everyone agrees that strong profit margins allow you to build your business faster. Our profit margins are strong for many reasons. One is because our business model weeds out many of the revenue killers inherent in other franchise models. At Dancers Pointe, we can offer the opportunity to make profit margins of fifty percent and up. While many typical franchise concepts struggle with very low profit margins, our franchise model avoids many of those issues. There is minimal inventory. No waste. There are minimal cash transactions by employees, which minimizes theft potential.

While many franchise models struggle with constant employee problems, Dancers Pointe helps to reduce that possibility by creating an environment of success, happiness, growth, creativity, and simplicity. That philosophy becomes an integral part of the Dancers Pointe environment.

The typical Dancers Pointe employees (like the ones who would be employed in your studio) are very likely to have years of experience as a dancer, teacher or instructor. Many have even obtained a degree in some related field. And many want to continue to teach. They enjoy what they're doing, and that's reflected in the personal relationships with everyone around them, including customers and staff. Dancers Pointe staff generally lead a very healthy, physical lifestyle. Compare that to the typical fast food employee. They aren't doing their life's work, their true calling. They aren't generally happy with their pay or their responsibilities. Statistically, this often results in higher employee turnover, drug use, often resulting in theft, expensive re-training costs, waste, liability, and employee problems which can be significantly reduced or even eliminated using our system.

You'll find that labor costs in our business model are very scalable. A Dancers Pointe class, for instance, generally features the same labor costs for a class of two students as for a class of twenty. This economy of scale makes our model more profitable and puts more money into your pocket at the end of the day. Employee scheduling is much simpler.

By comparison, many restaurant concepts open day one with as many as forty employees scheduled to work even if not a single customer walks through the door. Instead of opening with a full staff from day one regardless of your business demands (as many franchise models require) the ability to ramp up your labor as you increase your student enrollment is another key benefit to a Dancers Pointe franchisee. Which of the two examples given would you rather have as your business model? Which would ultimately bring you a simpler, more stress free, successful life?

In addition to these key advantages to becoming a Dancers Pointe franchisee, there are several other tools you'll be able to utilize as part of our system:

  • Original Music and Characters
  • Unique Dance Workshops
  • Financial Management Workshops
  • Ongoing Marketing Skills
  • Ongoing Training Seminars

The average startup for a Dancers Pointe studio varies from a low of about $100,000 to a high of about $270,000, depending on building costs in your area of the country and the size of your studio. Our franchise fee is $30,000, with a 7% royalty paid monthly. You will need to have about $50,000 in cash on hand to get started. Although we don't finance, we have companies we work with who can help.

If you decide to further explore becoming a Dancers Pointe franchisee, you will learn much more about how we work, what we have to offer, and why we believe so strongly in our vision. You likely will fit into one of two categories of people interested in becoming a part of our team. Either you will be someone who has an interest in continuing their love of dance and looking for a way to make a terrific, satisfying living from that experience, or you will be someone who has a business background but no dance experience, and you are very excited about the high profit margin potential and the terrific, time tested business model of Dancers Pointe. Either way, we believe we offer a very exciting opportunity. If you are interested, let's talk!

Min. Liquid Capital:
Total Investment:
$100,000 - $270,000
Third Party

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