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A Business That Will Provide Both Personal Fulfillment and Financial Rewards!

Become a Franchise Consultant and enjoy the personal satisfaction and financial rewards that come from helping others achieve their goals. You are never alone. If you are accepted as a Master Franchise Specialists Consultant, we will train, certify, and support you for the life of your business. By taking advantage of our knowledge and business relationships from over 30 years of experience, you can get started immediately. And at only $19,900, the investment is far less than what is required to become a successful consultant in any other field. We offer a license program with training and co-op lead generation for individuals with Franchise experience, Executive Consulting or sales background. By working with us, your entrepreneurial dreams and business goals can become a reality!

  • No cold-calling or soliciting required.
  • As a franchise consultant, you are not limited to any single franchise.
  • We pre-screen 100's of franchises, so you can focus your efforts on the best franchises.
  • Commissions on Master Franchises start at $25K for a single transaction.
  • Operate your business from home or a small office.
  • You have the flexibility to start this business, full-time or part-time.

Our one-time fee includes everything you need to begin your new business Unlike other companies in our industry who take anywhere from 10% to 25% of your revenue, there are no royalties with Master Franchise Specialists. Instead of giving a substantial portion of your income back to the parent company, you will keep 100% of it. This can save you $100,000 or more over the life of your business!


Consider this. Over 43% of all retail sales in the United States last year went through franchised outlets, although only 14% of businesses nationally are franchised. This remarkable statistic, along with the success rate of over 94% for new franchised outlets, has led to an explosion in franchise sales nationally. Master Franchise Specialists consultants are providing a necessary service because prospective franchisees are confused by all the options for business ownership, and because franchise companies are constantly seeking qualified applicants to fill the need for successful expansion. Today's clients needn't be "sold" on buying a franchise, only assisted in finding the perfect franchise for them. Also, since the franchise industry has been growing every year since 1980, one of the most important benefits of franchise consulting is that it is recession-proof! Franchise consulting is not negatively affected by a struggling economy. As a matter of fact, this is one of the businesses that actually performs even better in an economic downturn, because, among other factors, downsizing forces people to search for other options, and many of them choose franchise ownership.


We Specialize in: Master Franchising

Over 15 years ago we pioneered a little known business model in the Franchise world. Since that time Master Franchises have proven to be the catalyst for success for Franchisors and Franchisees with an estimated 300 per cent increase in the number of Master or Area Developer or Regional Director offerings in Franchising! We are Specialists in this investment area and have the largest inventory available in the World!


As a master or regional franchisee your ways of generating income are expanded over that of a normal franchise. With a normal franchise you are generally offering the product of service directly to the end use customer such as in a retail store. With a master franchise, you can generate income through your own stores, if you wish, with a significantly reduced royalty and franchise fee.


With Master Franchising you get:

  • Franchise Fees When you sell a franchise, you receive a franchise fee. Most franchise fees are between $20,000 and $30,000 and in a typical master franchise program; you keep 40-50% of the fee.
  • Ongoing Royalties This is the ultimate income source. Once you help set up the franchises, you receive royalty income or annuity type income for the rest of the life of those franchises. Imagine receiving 2-5% of your franchisee's volume every month.
  • Products or Additional Services Often products or additional services needed by the franchisee's outlet can bring excellent additional income.
  • Real Estate If real estate is involved with the franchisee's location, often the master franchisee can become involved in the development of sites and receive other types of real estate related income
  • All of the benefits mentioned above but without the expense of having to develop the concept from scratch
  • Control of the successful franchise system in a specific geographic area
  • A proven track record that works
  • Brand name and even a partner in the form of a corporate office
  • Master franchisees to give you valuable support, latest innovations and business expertise when you need it
  • The prestige of owning a master franchise and controlling an entire area can give you great satisfaction.
  • Your main job will be to act as a business consultant to your franchisees and help them succeed in their own business.
  • You will be associated with the elite brand name of the franchise as the main developer of an area even through it will be your franchisees investing their money.



Improved Quality of Life

Master franchisees own and enjoy a quality of life business. Here are some key characteristics about the typical master franchise: Very few customers. Your customers are your franchisees. You help support a small number of franchisees who typically own several franchise units each.

Very few employees. Typically you will operate a master franchise by yourself and then expand to have an administrative assistant, a trainer or other support person and a franchise sales person. As your master franchise grows larger you may need to add more staff, perhaps a general manager to run the operation so you may back away almost completely, if desired. We have found that many master franchisees, after having worked for three to seven years, can semi-retire and live off of an extremely good income and spend one or two days a month in the office.

Very little office space. Many master franchises can be started out of a home office. Once you have enough franchises in place then you can expand to an outside office.

You build equity in the business at a much faster rate than a normal business. Once you sell a few franchises or open your own stores, you increase the value of your business significantly. Not only do you have an existing business with cash flow, you have additional franchise opportunities to sell which gives the master franchise a higher value. Typically a master franchise will make four to nine times the earnings rather than the typical 1.8 to 2.8 times the earnings of a normal business.

Low overhead. You don't have to jump into the business with a large office, staff and other overhead expenses. You can expand as you go.

You have the option of setting up your own franchises at reduced rates. As you open your own outlets you create another asset value. You now have your master franchise with a specific value and also your own franchise with its value. As the value of your franchise increases, it increases the value of your master franchise. They are separate that you may sell when you would like.

You own an exclusive territory. Only you and your designated franchisees will be allowed to develop franchises in your area.

More freedoms exist in a master franchise than a normal franchise. You help set the standards of the franchise in your area.

You stay up to date on the latest technology. Being part of a larger franchise system allows the best ideas to flow into the corporate office and then into the field. You'll have your own research and development department built right in.

You don't need experience in the specific industry. You will receive industry specific training and support from the corporate office in the beginning and ongoing.

It can be started part-time and then you may move to full-time as required by the business you bring on.

Best of all it is a franchise! Franchises as a whole enjoy a 94% success rate. Master franchises typically have an even better success rate than the normal franchise. All you need to do is find the right master franchise for you. Master Franchising or regional development franchises as they are sometimes called, are the best kept secret in business today...for the right person.

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